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Mental Health Workshops



Let's take therapy beyond the office and bring hope and healing to your organization through workshops that will address relational and emotional health needs while building belonging in your church, workplace, school, and community.

Reach out today to see what workshops we offer

or to discuss creative options to meet your group's unique needs.

Hope at Home

Designed to support marriages & families on a variety of mental health issues.

This series provides real tools to address the needs of families and help them find the change they are looking for.

Topics can include:

  • Marriage Lab

  • Parenting Lab

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Raising Resilient Kids

  • Understanding Anxiety & Depression in Children

  • Building Belonging at Home

Mental Health Check-Up

Learn how to get and stay emotionally healthy to create a life you love living.

This series provides the tools your team needs to understand and implement mental health practices.

Topics can include:

  • Understanding and Meeting your Needs 

  • Practicing Connective Communication

  • Asking for help 

  • Emotion Regulation Skills

  • Relationship Check-Up

  • Building Belonging Together

Love Your Story

Understand how stress, anxiety and trauma may be negatively impacting your health and relationships, and how to take the pen out of the hand of your past to write a better story. 

This series provides tools to equip you and your community to address the areas of your life getting in the way of your goals.

Topics can include:

  • Why is This Happening to Me? The Story of Faith, Anxiety & Being a Human

  • Cultivating Courage: Building Skills to Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Fear

  • Understanding Pain & Peace Cycles

  • Building Belonging in Me

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